Alexandra Andresen Net Worth

She is just 19 years old and if you talk about her net worth, it’s already in the Billions. As of March 2016 Alexandra Andresen Net Worth is $1.2billion, as reported by

She along with her sister Katharina (20), have been able to secure a position on the list of World’s richest individuals.

Despite being from an ultra rich family she looks pretty humble and thus she hardly flaunts her wealth, like the rest of the rich kids of Instagram. As reported she had a normal upbringing, saving pocket money for buying stuff and driving second hand cars in her formative years.

alexandra andresen net worth
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Her father, Johan H. Andresen  has transferred his company shares equally to the both the daughters. The total stock received by both the sister is 42 % each. She became the youngest billionaire because in Norway the government publishes the tax returns of any individual over 17.

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Some of the Richest Individuals in The World

  1. Bill Gates : Well its usual to See Bill Gates on the top over and over again. As of 2016 his Net Worth is now estimated to be $ 75 Billion. He is the founder of Microsoft, one of the biggest Tech Giant.
  2. Amancio Ortega : With a total Fortune of $ 67 Billion, Amancio Ortega is second on our list. He founded Zara in 1975 along with his wife. And over the subsequent years, it has grown from a retail store to a trend setter multi-billion dollar firm.
  3. Warren Buffet : The Oracle of Omaha has a jaw dropping fortune of $ 60 billion. Well he is really a legendary investor as even after donating billions, he has secured his position on the list.
  4.  Carlos Slim Helu : Things are not going as planned for Carlos Slim Helu and thus he has lost his position as the World’s richest Individual in 2013. The over-demanding shareholders and poor performance of his company  “America Movil ” are the main reason behind it. His fortune now stands at $ 50 billion.
  5. Jeff Bezos  : In 2015 Jeff saw a massive increase in his Fortune as Amazon Stock did really well on the Stock Exchange. At present his total worth is estimated to be 45 Billion Dollars