Alison Berns, David Scott Simon & Howard Stern – Bio, facts, Relationship

Apart from being a television and radio host, Alison Berns is also a talented actress. Her profession makes her famous however she was also widely known for being the wife of another successful radio host Howard Stern. The duo first met at Boston University through a mutual friend, after which they started dating each other. Then on June 4, 1978, they married at Temple Ohabei Shalom in Brookline. Back then both Alison and Howard were 24 years old.

Together the couple has three children. Thier first daughter, Emily Beth was born in 1983. While Debra Jennifer and Ashley Jade were born in 1986 and 1993 respectively. After a relationship of many years, the couple finally decided to get divorced. In an interview later, Stern even said, “I was totally neurotic and sort of consumed with work. I took work as the most important thing and the only thing.” They parted their ways in 2001.


After their separation, Stern began dating Beth Ostrosky, while Alison Berns got married to David Simon in 2001. Unlike Stern, her new hubby David Simon is not from the entertainment Industry. Also, not much is known about the man, his profession, and his net worth. However it quite clear that the new couple is now spending quality time with each. As both, Simon and Berns are now busy raising their three children, whom she had from her previous marriage.

Alison Berns net worth is estimated to be $ 8 million while her salary details are not publically available.

Stern on his previous relationship with Alison Berns:

Stern family in 80sBack in the late 70’s, they were a regular happy family with little at their disposal. Then after being motivated by his mother, Stern began working at a radio station for  $96 a week. Since then he worked really hard, later launching his own show, “The Howard Stern Radio Show”. Along with Alison, he completed several projects successfully. However, all this success came at a cost. As being workaholic, Stern began losing his grip on his family life.

Eventually, the couple could no longer stay together and thus separated. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said: “My marriage ending blew my mind”“I was upset that I failed and let down my family, my kids, my ex-wife. It was all very painful”, he explained.

Later he said that even after so long, since their divorce, he still can’t figure out what exactly went wrong.

As of now, he is married to Beth Ostrosky, who is an actress, author, and model.