Angelo James Konecki – Everything You Need To Know

On the outer surface, it seems that celebs have a perfect life, which anyone can dream of. However that hardly is the case if you are the celeb, as from future projects to rumors to the protection of loved ones, a celeb needs to be extra careful. Maybe that is the reason, why most of the celebs try hard to keep their family members away from the public eye. The same is the case with Adele, who was recently seen debunking the rumor of her separation from the former boyfriend, now husband, Simon Konecki. While the other time, she was seen trying to protect her son, Angelo James Konecki from the paparazzi.

Born on October 19, 2012, Angelo James Konecki first got the media attention when Adele dedicated her Golden Globe Award to her son. Back then, the singer straight away declined to reveal even his name, however, media still guessed the name accurately. As the singer was later spotted wearing a gold necklace with the name “Angelo”.

The baby boy resembles more like her mother and even loves to copy her. In one interview, Adele revealed “My son swears at me. What can I say? Everything I do, he does. He even calls me a bloody bumhead,” 

Age: 4 years old


Angelo James Konecki Parents: How They Met?

Back in 2011, Adele had made it clear in an interview that she would remain single for a while to focus better on her work. As someone in her life could possibly distract her. It was the same time when she had even taken a break from her singing career due to a throat surgery. However, on being introduced to Simon Konecki, she later changed her mind. It is interesting to note that it was Ed Sheeran who was the common friend.

Since then she began dating Konecki as they enjoyed each other’s company. While it was in June 2012, that she finally revealed about her baby, who was later born on 19 October 2012.

Angelo James Konecki mother

Who is Angelo James Konecki Father?

Born in April 1974 in New York, Simon Konecki studied at Eton College, after his family moved to the UK. A former director at EBS, he is a co-founder of Life Water, an eco-friendly brand. From his first marriage with Clary Fisher(2004-2008), he even has a daughter.