Apple To Purchase Jay Z’s Tidal

If the deal goes as expected then Jay Z’s Tidal may be acquired by Apple for a whopping $ 500 million,as reported by The Wall Street Journal. To remind you, Jay Z had previously bought the music streaming service for just $ 56 million. Apart from that, the music service has already been struggling with its user base. As Tidal only has a subscriber count not exceeding 4 million users while Apple music and Spotify boasts of a user base of 15 million nd 30 million respectively.

At present, there is no official confirmation from Tidal, as when contacted, the spokesman denied that there is any such deal in a process.

One basic question that may come to anyone’s mind is that if Tidal is not a big threat to Apple then why are they so much interested in it. Well at present, experts speculate two main reasons for this. The first one is exclusivity as though Tidal may not boast of a solid user base but still it has signed some famous artists such as Beyonce, Jay Z, Kayne West and Rihanna. Ther streaming service has got exclusive rights to their album release which means that the fans can only find their new songs on just Tidal, not even on Youtube. The company also recorded a significant growth with the release of Beyonce’s new album lemonade.

Then apart from it, the second reason that Apple might have considered is the fear of competition. As it’s no secret that Tidal as a competitor may be neglected but the service with Google or Amazon can be problematic even for Apple. So it better to acquire the service before the competitors.