Ashley Jade Stern faced Post Divorce Affect

Being the youngest child not only means more caring and love from others but also more restrictions. Apart from that, it can a tough situation if one has to witness divorce at a young age. After all, for a kid, his/her parents are the most important aspect of life. So when it comes to Ashley Jade Stern, the situation must have been somewhat similar as she too had to go through the tough time when Howard Sterna and his wife Allison Burns decided to part their ways.

Howard first met Alison Berns while studying at Boston University. They both worked together in a student film, which also got them closer.  “Within a week after our relationship began, I knew I was going to marry her”, wrote Stern. At age 24, the couple got married on June 4, 1978. Thier first daughter, Emily Beth was after 5 five years in 1983, while later the couple was blessed with two other daughters, Debra Jennifer (b. 1986), and Ashley Jade (b. 1993).

Ashley Jade Stern Father

The hectic work schedule and other differences led to their divorce in 2001. After which, Allison married David Simon and Stern started dating Angie Everhart. However, this affected all three girls, especially young Ashley Jade Stern as she was just 8 years old back then. Then apart from that initially mixing up with stepdad David must have been not easy, for all three girls.


Ashley Jade Stern Relationship with Beth Ostrosky

One can find Howard talking about his daughter and wife, Alison Berns on numerous interviews. He has pointed towards his strict work ethics, which may have been the primary cause of their divorce. But on the other hand, it’s even the primary reason behind his journey from $ 96 a week to $ 500 million empire. However when it comes to Beth Ostrosky, its hard to find any such interviews, where she talks about her stepdaughters.
Ashley Jade Stern
Still, when it comes to her stepdaughter, they do seem to go well with each other.

For now, it’s hard to speculate how close the family actually is. Still, one thing is for sure that the girls are more attached towards Burns, which is naturally obvious.