Barry Weiss net worth – How rich is he?

Barry Weiss first appeared on the show Motorcycle Mania III (2004). However, it was only after Storage Wars (2010), that the actor gained a worldwide fame. As of now, he has become a popular Tv personality, which has also increased his net worth by many folds.

This year, Barry Weiss net worth is estimated to be $ 10 million. So when it comes to his net worth, he is a little ahead of his rivals like Dave Hester and Brandi Passante. As Hester and Passante enjoy a fortune of $ 3 million and $ 975 000 respectively.

barry weiss

  • Born on: 11th Feb 1959
  • Occupation: Record Producer
  • Status: Married
  • Nationality: American


Barry Weiss net worth : A shrewd businessman  ?

Well, one thing that almost everyone can see is  Barry Weiss’ fan following. Which indeed is due to his personality and nature. Many times, he has shown his presence of mind. As once, he could bluff everyone into thinking that he is a homeless lady. Then on revealing his true identity, everyone was quite shocked. Then in another instance, he asked two German bidders to help him in securing a bid. He did it when the guys were busy distracting other contestants, while Barry got what he wanted.

Apart from that, once he was disqualified for touching a Merchandise. However, again Barry got the item by asking someone else to bid on his behalf. This even confused Darrell, who is well known for his intelligence.

Being tactful and also one of the most experienced individuals in the game, Barry Weiss could build a fortune of $ 10 million. However, most of his net worth comes from his company Northern Produce, which he co-owns along with his  brother Joey Weiss.

Cars owned by Barry Weiss

1947 Cadillac


1940 Ford cab-over-engine (COE) Truck


1955 Ford bubble-top known as the Beatnik



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