Bobby Brown Net Worth

Robert Barisford Brown, better known to his audience as Bobby Brown, is a songwriter, R&B singer and a rapper. In his initial years, he started as a pop singer with the band “New Edition”. However due to some issues, he had to leave the band and thus resumed his career as a solo artist. This incident may have looked unlucky for him in the beginning but eventually it all turned in his favor. As of now his former band is not even near his fame and fortune.

Bobby Brown Net Worth in 2016 is estimated to be $ 4.3 million, it comes mainly from his music albums and other ventures.

BornFebruary 5, 1969
Years active1978–present
Bobby Brown Net Worth$ 4.3 million


About : 

Born to Herbert James Brown and Carole Elizabeth (née Williams), Bobby has five siblings, who all spent their formative years in Boston, Massachusetts. His mother worked as a teacher while his father worked at a construction site. At a young age, Brown joined a local church choir as he was interested in signing, from there he shaped his career and improved his singing skills.

As a kid, Bobby and his family had to deal with financial crisis, however it was not the major issue he had to face. The area where he lived was not the best place to hang-out as crimes were usual with little or no intervention from the law. The singer even got shot when he was just 10 years old, however this incident changed his perception towards life. Thereafter he took education more seriously and was determined to find a way to escape the hood.

His debut album “King of Stage (1986)” could not gain much popularity amongst the fans however things changed favorably after he collaborated with R&B songwriters like L.A. Reid and Babyface.