Brad Pitt Net Worth

Brad Pitt is an American actor and producer with a Net worth of $245 million. He is a heart throb and is followed by millions of guys and girls around the world. As a producer he owns the company, Plan B which produced Eat Pray Love and Kick-Ass in 2010.

Brad Pitt is not only a successful actor and a producer rather he also actively participates in social development. The actor reportedly supports the “ONE Campaign”, an organization that works to uplift people and combat poverty in the developing nations.


Brad Pitt Net Worth : $245 million

Brad Pitt
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BornDecember 18, 1963
Spouse(s)Angelina Jolie (m. 2014)
SiblingDouglas Pitt


Early Life

Born in Shawnee, Oklahoma on December 18, 1963, William Bradley Pitt spent his formative years in  Missouri with his siblings. His father,  William Alvin Pitt owned a trucking firm while his mother, Jane Etta was a school counselor. While growing up in a Baptist family he was on a quest of his own spiritual pursuit and thus later showed much interest in agnosticism and atheism.

As an enthusiastic kid at  Kickapoo High School, he actively participated in tennis, golf and swimming teams. Pitt also showed much interest in School debates which indeed helped him to enroll in University of Missouri. He successfully completed his course in journalism but just two weeks prior to convocation day he moved to  Los Angeles to pursue a career in Acting. Well, even we think that it was a wise decision on his part after all “Fight Club” without him won’t be much fun to watch .


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Brad Pitt Car’s Collection : Net Worth

When you talk about moolah, the actor has got it so why not invest it in some big toys? Thinking the same Brad Pitt owns some beautiful cars which he can easily flaunt whenever he wants.


Some his cars include : 


Audi Q7 : Audi is one premium brand that most of the stars like to own. For Audi Q7 Brad Pitt paid around US$ 69,929. Well for such a car this amount justifies the price.Audi

BMW Hydrogen 7 : Only a limited number of people own this beautiful car and Brad Pitt is one of them.


Chevy Camaro SS : When it comes to vehicles, the actor can simply buy a number of exotic cars including Lamborghini and Bugatti. However going by his own trends he rather prefers to have a Chevy Camaro SS, in which he can enjoy long drives.

Brad Pitt Chevrolet

Lexus LS 460 F Sport : To make his collection better, Pitt paid around $84,885 for his new high end luxury cars.

Brad Pitt Car collection

Jeep Cherokee : This custom made utility SUV is used for his usual commute. Besides providing a respectable off-road performance Cherokee also offers a sporty ride.


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