Briana Cuoco : Fun Facts You Might Have Missed

Born on November 29, 1988, in Ventura, California, Briana Cuoco is the daughter of Gary Carmine Cuoco and  Layne Ann. She is the younger sister of the famous American actress, Kaley Cuoco. One may believe that Briana gets her fame just being the sister of Kaley, however, her own talent has played a major role here. The young actress has a decent fan following on Instagram and has a quite charming personality.

So for people who are less familiar with Briana Cuoco, below you can find some interesting stuff about her.


1.The Sisters are Supportive

Not very long ago, Briana Cuoco used to be Kaley’s personal assistant. Helping her sister while managing the important task. However, later she went on to pursue her own passion.

The sisters are also well known for supporting each other. Briana is often seen defending her elder sister on the social media, be it trolls or just random nasty comments.  On September 10, 2016, the sisters posed backstage at The Palazzo Las Vegas in Las Vegas. It was during the show “BAZ – Star-Crossed Love”.


2.A Talented Singer

Briana is known for her appearance on “The Big Bang Theory (2007)”, and “Beauty in the Broken (2015)”. However, only some fans know that she has also released an album called “Bluebird”. The album might not have been a commercial hit, but still, it got a positive response on the iTunes.

Apart from that, she has also appeared on the reality television singing competition, The Voice.

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3.Briana Cuoco is Hot AF

Okay, this one is just obvious. But still, we thought that some viewers might have missed as to how hot she really is. So we thought of including one of her recent pics.

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4. Also a Choreographer?

Some know but other don’t. By some, we mean the fans but remember this article is for everyone. So by now, it’s clear that Briana is a multi-talented personality. As reported, she also works as a choreographer. Remember The Big Bang Theory’s on-set flash mob video? Well, she had assisted with the choreography.

If you missed out the video, you can check it below.

Her net worth is estimated to be $ 2 million.