David Nehdar

Back in 2014, search about David Nehdar increased, when Lacey Chabert disclosed on her social media account about her new life with him. However even as of now, not much is known about David Nehdar. As opposite to his gorgeous wife, Lacey Chabert, he remains confined to his private space. Till date, he has never given any interview or has allowed much information about him to be circulated in any news outlet. As reported, David Nehdar net worth in 2016 is estimated to be $1.6 million. While previously it was $ 1.2 million and in 2017 it is likely to be $ 2.3 million.

Prior to his marriage, it was even reported that David was Lacey’s best friend. And it was on a vacation that the duo finally decided to tie the knot to each other. Since then Chabert’s fans, as well as media houses have become more interested in knowing about David personal life and his bio. The marriage took place in 2014 and was attended by high profile individuals including Kaley Cuoco, Briana Cuoco, Amy Davidson and Ali Fedotowsky.

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David Nehdar net worth, Salary, and Personal Life

David Nehdar

It’s no secret that David is more of a media-shy personality, who more or less enjoys personal space without any fame. We could only gather information regarding his net worth, however, information about salary or personal life is not available anywhere. Well, one thing we can conclude, that Mr. Nehdar has somewhat succeeded in keeping almost everything private in a world where information hardly needs any time to spread.

So for now, the fans would have to wait a little more before we can actually gather some more information on Nehdar. As for now, he is a mysterious celebrity worth mentioning.


Lately, Lacey Chabert and David Nehdar were again in the news as the couple is expecting their first child. To keep the fans updated, Chabert even shared a picture of her on her twitter account.