Divyank Turakhia net worth- An Indian living the American Dream

Divyank Turakhia net worth: In the past few years, startups have become a trend, with many youngsters quitting their jobs in order to venture into different businesses and take over the world. However, the success ratio is not very impressive as the competition is stiff. In such a market scenario it’s hard to consider two young entrepreneurs, who run 11 business successfully and just started with a mere $ 500 borrowed from their Dad.

Yup, you read it right as back in 1998, Divyank Turakhia (16) along with his brother Bhavin Turakhia (18), first started with a capital of $ 500. That was the time when the internet was fairly new and talking about India, people hardly knew about its existence.

Over the next two decades, the duo would go on to build the $1.4-billion Directi, a tech company which has a stake in many businesses including online payment service, advertising technology and  messaging app. As of now the company has over 1500 employees with offices in New York, Los Angeles,Mumbai, and Delhi. The revenue as stated on the official page exceeds $ 250+ million pa.

Divyank Turakhia net worth

One interesting fact about their company is that almost all their business are bootstrapped. Which clearly indicates that ownership in terms of control and stake, more or less lies with the brother. External investments and debts are negligible. On the top of that, almost all their 11 ventures are quite successful in their respective space, which is an uncommon occurrence in the startup space.

One of their most successful startups is Media.net. As lately the company was sold to a Chinese consortium for $900 million. Now without any external investment, all the sale proceeds would directly go the brothers, catapulting their net worth to $1.3 billion.

As reported by Forbes, in 2015, Divyank Turakhia net worth was estimated to be $ 450 million. However in 2016, in order to be included in the Forbes 400, the minimum entry criteria is  $1.7 billion. So the brothers won’t make it to the list for now. Still considering the fact that they had a humble or rather very humble beginning with mere $ 500 in 1998. But with sheer hard work along with innovative business ideas, the brother are now living the big American dream, which is not so common anymore.

Divyank Turakhia net worth
Image credit : http://www.media.net/

Along with their offices around the globe, now they even have homes in San Francisco, Dubai, Vancouver, and Mumbai.