Dj Paul net worth

Born on January 12, 1975, Dj Paul is an American record producer, rapper, songwriter, DJ, and entrepreneur from Memphis, Tennessee. Half brother of the late rapper Lord Infamous, DJ Paul is the founding member of hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia. At present, Dj Paul net worth is estimated to be $ 16 Million.

Apart from music, he is also active in the business. Along with the rapper, Juicy J, Dj Paul launched his own fashion wear in 2007. They named it “Dangerus / Skandulus”. It includes hats, T-shirts, stickers, and accessories.  Then in 2009, he even founded a record label Scale-A-Ton Entertainment. Under his own label, he has launched two albums till date.

His other business includes two real estate companies.

Dj Paul net worth
Age: 42 years


Dj Paul net worth

YearDj Paul net worth
2017$ 16 million
2016$ 15 million
2015$ 14.6 million
2014$ 13.9 million
2013$ 13 million

In 2017, Dj Paul net worth is estimated to be $ 16 million whereas, in the previous year, his net worth was $ 15 million.

In between 2015 and 2016, Dj Paul income exceeded $ 500k however after deducting the taxes and other expenses, the net income was $ 400k.



Paul Duane Beauregard, better known by his stage name DJ Paul, began his career in 1988. He first started performing in Memphis club “380 Beale”. During the initial year, Paul concentrated on being a Dj. So after collaborating with Lord Infamous, he used to work on the beats while his brother used to rap. Back then the duo could not afford their own equipment, so they rented it from other studios.

In 1992, they released their first tape “Portrait Of A Serial Killa”. Soon after that, they launched their next tape titled “Come with Me 2 Hell”.