Drake’s Mom, Sandi Graham – Age, Wiki, Birthday, Bio

“Stop worryin’ about whoever’s next, I am just worried about my mama worryin’ less”. Well, it won’t be wrong to call Drake a mama’s boy after all, the rapper has never shied away from expressing his love for his mother. In numerous songs, Drake has made references to his mother, expressing his gratitude and his feeling towards her. The reason behind it is simple, as it’s no secret that the duo has struggled a lot to reach this point. From the early start, it was his mother, Sandi Graham who backed his son and believed in his dreams.

So who exactly is Sandi Graham?

Born on January 28, 1960, Sandi Graham is a white Jewish Canadian. Her son, Drake was born after she married Dennis Graham, an African-American Catholic. However, when Drake was just 5 years old, she separated from Dennis, also taking over the custody of their young son. After the separation, it was tough for the duo, as they totally depended on each other. Later both Drake and his mother moved to  Forest Hill, where Drake was enrolled to Forest Hill Collegiate Institute. To make her ends meet, Sandi Graham even worked as a teacher. Still initially, life was tough, when they lived in a small house, with Drake living in the basement and his mother on the first floor. Even in school, the rapper faced issues due to his racial and religious background.

sandi Graham Drake
Graham is now 57-years-old

XXXtentacion calls out Drake

Lately, there has been on ongoing beef in between XXXTentacion and Drake. As he has claimed that Drake has copied his tempo on “KMT.” In an interview, he even called Drake a “bitch”, while later XXXTentacion attacked his mother, Sandi Graham on Twitter. As he uploaded an old picture of Drake on his twitter account and morphed his face. There is still no response from Drake however it seems that the matter won’t be settled easily.

His track “Look At Me” sounds like Drake’s “KMT”, however, personal attacks should have been avoided.