Drew Barrymore net worth

Coming from a well-known American family of  stage actors, Drew Barrymore has made a distinct name for her in the Hollywood. Beginning her career in 1978, she is not just an actor but also a director, author, producer, and model . Barrymore even owns a couple of businesses, one of them is Flower Films, which she cofounded along with Nancy Juvonen. So when it comes to her source of income, it seems clear that she has many channels. It has also led to Drew Barrymore high net worth, which is now estimated to be $ 125 million.

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drew barrymore

Drew Barrymore net worth – How wealthy is she?

Now you already know that Drew Barrymore net worth but if we compare it with that of Nancy, is she really richer? Well, the answer is yes as Nancy Juvonen net worth is $ 22 million while Fallon’s net worth is $ 25 million. In total, their fortune is somewhere near $ 47 million. However, when it comes to fame and popularity both Fallon and his wife comes second to none. As “The Tonight Show” is quite popular amongst the masses, all thanks to the show and his hit movies.


YearNet Worth
2015$ 111 million
2016$ 125 million
2017 (Expected)$ 130 million

The figure given above may look quite high. However one should know that till date, Barrymore’s movies have earned over $ 2.3 billion in total collections. She was once the highest paid actress earning $ 10 million on an average from each movie.


Where is Barrymore living at present?

Old House

Earlier Barrymore owned a beautiful house in Montecito, California. However, she had lately sold it as she had planned to shift to New York. The deal was finalized at $ 6.35 million while she had purchased the property for $ 5.7 million.

As of now, she lives in New York in her $ 8.7 million cosmopolitan style apartment.




What other business does she own?

Her source  of  income is not just acting, as she is even a model and a businesswoman. She has become a face for brands such as Gucci etc. Barrymore’s own production house “Flower Films” bring in decent revenues. The company produced its first movie in 1999 titled “Never Been Kissed”. While their latest movie “Freak Show” will be released soon in 2016.

She also owns the company “flower beauty”, which deals in cosmetics, bags, makeup brushes, and fragrances.