Elijah Wood Net Worth

Elijah Wood Net Worth: Born on January 28, 1981, Elijah Wood is an American actor and producer, who started his career in 1988. Though the actor has appeared in numerous movies, still he is best known to his audience for his role as Frodo Baggins in the movie “The lord of the Rings”. Since then he has also worked in movies such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), Everything Is Illuminated (2005), Sin City (2005) and Bobby (2006).

On an average, the actor earns $2,181,000 annually. At present, Elijah Wood Net Worth is estimated to be $ 18 Million. From the show “Wilfred TV Series (2011–2014)”, Elijah Wood reportedly earned $ 50k per episode.

Elijah Wood net worth


Elijah Wood Net Worth

YearElijah Wood Net Worth
2016$ 18 million
2015$ 17.3 million
2014$ 15 million
2013$ 14.2 million

 It has been reported that the actor could make $ 1 million for his two-minute appearance in the movie “The Hobbit”.


Elijah Wood net worth Income
Age: 36 years


D.O.BJanuary 28, 1981
BornCedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
Years active1988–present
ReligionRoman Catholic



Elijah is of English, Danish, German, Austrian, and Polish ancestry. Son of Warren Wood and Debra, he grew up Cedar Rapids. From age seven, Elijah started earning as he started doing modeling in his hometown. In the meantime, he also learned piano lessons. After completing his education, the family moved to Los Angeles in 1988. There he got his first break, in Paula Abdul’s “Forever Your Girl” video. Soon after that he also landed a role in the TV film, Child in the Night.

Over the years, Elijah had some minor roles and some major roles in movies. He even appeared on commercials, before getting a role in Peter Jackson’s epic film trilogy The Lord of the Rings (2001–2003). It was reported that Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, and Dominic Monaghan received a bonus amount in between  $ 430,000 and $ 560,000 for each film.