Eminem Net Worth

Making $ 20 million each year, Eminem’s net worth at present is estimated to be $ 210 million. While in the previous year, it was reported that the rapper’s net worth was close to $ 190 million. To reach this level, Eminem aka Slim Shady had his fair share of struggle as it was not always that he had money in his bank and insane fan following. The rapper rose from the bottom however as of now he is amongst the richest rappers in the world.

Eminem’s net worth comes from different sources. As the majority of it comes from tours and concerts while the rest is mainly from music sales, endorsements, and Youtube channels.



“You might be the next best thing but not quite me”, well when Eminem rhymes these lines, he is in no mood of joking. As till date, the rapper has sold more than 172 million albums, also ranking amongst the world’s best-selling artists. He has been called “the King of Hip Hop” by Rolling Stone, who even included him in their list titled “100 Greatest Artists of All Time”.

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Eminem Net Worth Over the recent year

YearEminem Net Worth
2017 (Expected)$ 240 million
2016$ 210 million
2015$ 190 million
2014$ 179 million
2013$ 156 million
2012$ 133 million

In 2017, it is expected that Eminem’s net worth would be $ 240 million. The main reason behind it would be his world tour in 2016. Along with him, other famous rappers that are likely to join includes Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Dr. Dre. The analyst also believes that the Epic Tour (tentative title) would boost Eminem’s fortune by another $ 30 million. The total income from the tour is likely to cross $ 100 million however after deducting taxes and expenses, the figure would come down to $ 30 million for Eminem.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the final announcement and most probably it would all be sold out within a very less period of time.


Eminem net worth –  Income from various sources

The income shown below is the total income, as available in the public database. However, the net income comes substantially down as after taxes, expenses and other deductions.


Income from Youtube

Eminem’s youtube channel is quite popular amongst the fans. The channel has over 7 billion views also bringing in millions for Eminem. From his main Vevo channel, Eminem has earned over $ 46 million pre-tax income. While from his other channel, the youtube star has bagged in approximately $1,777,637. Thus as of now the total income from all the channels on youtube is $48,454,371.


Income from Movies and Tv shows

Though acting is not the major source of his earnings, still, we have included the details here so that the fans know. Below you can check the table and get an idea as how much money he makes from the movies.

Movie / Tv show (Year)Income
The Interview (2014)$100,000
Entourage (2010)$10,000
Funny People (2009)$100,000
50 Cent: Bulletproof (2005)$100,000
Crank Yankers (2004)$10,000
8 Mile (2002)$600k
The Wash (2001)$ 100k


Income from Concerts

Concert Tour NameEarning
Rapture Tour (2014)$ 9 million
The Monster Tour (2014)$ 15 million
Lose Yourself Tour (2011)$ 6 million
The Home & Home Tour (2010)$ 13 million
The Recovery Tour (2010 – 2012)$ 68 million
Anger Management Tour (2000 – 2005)$ 81 million
Up in Smoke Tour (2000)$ 27 million


Eminem net worth comparison with other rappers


Amongst the rappers mentioned only Lil Wayne comes close to Eminem. Although he is $ 50 million behind Eminem. Drake comes next, as he has seen a sharp rise in his net worth over the recent years. Rick Ross and Meek Mill have a net worth of $ 7 million and $ 38 million respectively.


Forbes – Hip hop cash kings

Eminem's worth and other detailsEvery year, Forbes compiles their list titled “Hip hop cash kings”, wherein the highest earning  hip hop artists are ranked. Even this year, the list was published, where Eminem was ranked #19 as the rapper earned $ 11 million till October 2016.

On the first position, it was Diddy as he earned $ 62 million. All thanks to the business ventures which makes him and Jay-Z apart from the rest of the contestants. Jay-Z was ranked # 2 after making a whopping $ 53.5 million. Next came Dr. Dre, Drake and Wiz Khalifa as they made $ 41 million, $ 38 million and $ 24 million respectively.


Eminem Net Worth- The beginning


Marshall Bruce Mathers III, best known as Eminem,  is an is an American rapper,  record producer, songwriter, and actor. He was born on October 17, 1972, and is the only child of  Deborah Rae “Debbie” Nelson and Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. During his childhood, Eminem along with his mother kept moving in-between Missouri and Michigan. As due to lack of resources, they had to stay at different locations.

Apart from the lack of resources, Mathers even faced other challenges. Being bullied at school was one of them. As during his schooldays, one bully , De’Angelo Bailey, severely injured Eminem in the head. The family stayed in a black neighborhood and thus Eminem even faced racism and was at times beaten by local youngsters.

To get away from his harsh life, Eminem began rapping at age 14. Soon his hobby became his passion which later turned into his profession. He began his career in 1992 and is still active in the industry.