Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade Mathers – Has she grown up ?

Well if we go by the number, then we can conclude that Eminem has three daughters. As it’s not just Hailie Jade Mathers, rather he is also a legal father to two more girls, Alaina Marie Mathers and Whitney Scott Mathers. Eminem and Kim adopted Alaina when her parents could no longer take proper care of her. While Eminem also adopted Whitney, who was born after Kim’s relationship with another man.

However, when it comes to Eminem’s biological daughter, we just have Hailie Jade Mathers. And after all, she is one of most searched celebrity daughter with just a couple of articles and little information. As in all these years, Eminem has tried to keep her away from media and any form of controversy. Only at times, some pictures of Hailie Jade Mathers surfaced the web while simultaneously many fake accounts were created. So today we have reached out to all the reliable sources to dig a little deeper about Eminem’s beautiful daughter Hailie Jade Scott-Mathers.



Hailie Jade Mathers – Early Life

Eminem first met Haily’s mother in 1987. Then after running from her home, Kim and her sister started living with Eminem and his mother. The duo started dating each other in 1989, before getting married in 1999. During their romantic relationship, Hailey as born in 1995.

However, Haily had troubled childhood as though she had loving parents, still, there were family disputes. Eminem and Kim’s fight got ugly when their family issue was dragged to the court and the duo asked for the custody of their daughter. Kim even demanded $10 million for mental trauma and child support, along with full custody of their daughter. The court case ended with a joint legal custody.



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Eminem’s daughter: 2014 – present


Despite having all the problems, Eminem’s daughter has somehow managed to balance her life. As when star kids with an insane amount of wealth, tend to waste their time on alcohol and partying, Hailey has managed to focus her attention primarily on her education. She graduated from Chippewa Valley High School with a 3.9-grade point average, also becoming a star pupil.

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On her graduation day, she not only had an impressive academic scorecard, rather Hailey was also crowned homecoming queen. Eminem was himself present at the function though he remained away from the public eye so that his daughter gets the attention she deserved.

Sharing the same blood with her father, even Hailey is pretty creative. Though she won’t follow Eminem’s footsteps. As instead of music, she wants to pursue a degree in entrepreneurship. or psychology.

No matter what career she chooses, Eminem would always support her. After all, she is a daddy’s princess, who has been mentioned in over 22 tracks and has even appeared on the song “Mockingbird.”