Flavor Flav net worth

Flavor Flav, (born William Jonathan Drayton Jr), is an American rapper, musician, actor, comedian, and television personality. He gained initial fame while working in the group Public Enemy. He was one of the founding members, who also was popular as the hype man. As of now, Flavor Flav net worth is estimated to be $3.4 million.

Recently Flav surprised his fans by appearing on a local Utah news broadcast as a weather man. It was a well-planned appearance and thus he prepared in advance how to work on the mechanics of the weather green screen.

Flavor Flav worth
image credit : Stuart Sevastos
Years active1982–present
Weight68 kilo
Height5′ 7”
GenresRap, Hip–Hop
Flavor Flav net worth$3.4 million



Born on March 16, 1959, in Roosevelt, New York, Flav showed early interest in music. Before he turned 5, he already taught himself to play the piano. He even joined the church choir and mastered more than 10 musical instruments at a young age.

After dropping out from school, he later attended Adelphi University. During his college years, he met Chuck D and soon they collaborated. At first, the duo worked on a college radio show and soon they started their career as a rapper. Over the subsequent years, he collaborated with other artists such as David Joyner, Terminator X, Sister Souljah, DJ Lord, and Professor Griff.



Apart from being an actor and a musician, Flav is also a Restaurateur. He opened Flav’s Fried Chicken along with Nick Cimino in 2011. Located in Clinton, Iowa, his restaurant specialized in Fried chicken and Soul food. However due to some disputes, within five months of operation, the founders decided to shut it down.

Soon after that, he teamed up with Salvatore Bitontia and Gino Harmon to open ” Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs”. Even this time, things could not work for long and they closed the business within a year.