Floyd Mayweather Just Made Another Amazingly Outlandish Purchase

It won’t be incorrect to say that Floyd Mayweather is one flamboyant guy with a king size lifestyle. Known for shelling out millions of dollars on the super exotic car, the boxer recently made headlines again  . First, he appeared  on the media after being replaced by Chritanio Ronaldo in the list featuring Highest paid athlete. However soon again he is in the limelight for his new big purchase.

Gulfstream III

As reported, the legendary boxer purchased a brand new private jet for his personal use. It’s a 12 passenger Gulfstream III, which is currently decked out with “gold sink, gold cup holders, gold accents throughout.” Additionally, the Gulfstream III also has a kitchen and is all decorated with white leather seats and stunning interiors.


Apart from this new addition, Mayweather also boasts of two other jets “Air Mayweather 1 and 2”. At present, only the news about his new jet has surfaced with no accurate information on the cost that Mayweather paid. However, previous  similar models of the Gulfstream III have been sold for an upwards $34 million. So even this version must be falling in the similar range.




A few months back, the star Player had already spent lavishly on three Bugatti. Two were Veyrons, while one was his Chiron. Back then he had spent 3.5 for the upcoming model Bugatti Chiron.  The delivery was due for 2017, so he went out and bought two other Veyrons for the time being. Well, maybe for a pocket change.