Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth – Is Claudia his wife, do they have a son ?

Formerly overweight comedian Gabriel Iglesias is always a topic of discussion. As often he makes sardonic comments about sensitive issues like weight, ethnicity etc. But somehow, Iglesias manages to make his audience laugh especially when he directs the comments on himself. Excelling in this art, he is now not just rich but also has a decent fan following. At present, Gabriel Iglesias net worth is estimated to be $ 30 million, while he usually makes up to $ 10 million per annum via movies, appearances etc.


Iglesias net worth – So how he began?


iglesias wikiGabriel J. Iglecias (Gabriel Iglesias) was born in San Diego, California, on July 15, 1976. Youngest of the six children, Gabriel grew up in Riverside, Santa Ana, and Corona, before the family finally settled in Long Beach. Born to a single mother, he first used the letter “c” in his surname. It was done by his mother as she retaliated his father’s absence. However later in life, Gabriel dropped the letter “c” and included “s”, making his surname  “Iglesias”.

Prior to hitting it big in comedy, Gabriel worked for a cell phone company. However soon he started doing comedy along with his job. In 1997, he took a big risk by ditching his job for a career in comedy. This was at first opposed by his family who preferred financial security over his passion. However, all this paid off well. In the beginning, he got small projects but soon he made a name for himself.


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Who is Iglesias’s wife and is Frankie his son?

There is a confusion over the internet as some reports suggest that Claudia Valdez may be his wife and Frankie is his son. Well , putting the rumors to rest, the comedian lives with Claudia however they are yet not married. Surprised, aren’t you?

gabriel iglesias wife

Now coming to Frankie, he Valdez’s son from another relationship. However, our 40-year-old big guy has accepted him as his son. Iglesias had spent his formative years without his father, which indeed took its toll on him, so for Frankie, he is always there and has now become a father figure to the little guy.