Gelila Bekele – Who’s she?

Tyler Perry needs no introduction as most know him as a famous actor, comedian, writer, filmmaker, and songwriter. However, when it comes to Perry’s girlfriend Gelila Bekele, people know a bit less and when it comes to his son,  Aman Tyler Perry, people don’t have much clue apart from his birth date and his Godmother Oprah. 

Though not as famous but equally talented, Gelila Bekele works as a model, social activist and humanitarian. She began her career back in 2006 and has since worked on numerous projects. She is featured in several beauty campaigns including those for Levi’s,  Tory Burch, Diesel, Michael Kors, H&M, and Anna Sui. Apart from that, Gelila Bekele also authored a book titled “Guzo! (2016)”

It has been reported that the couple has been together since 2009. They have not yet married nor they have been engaged, still, they share the love and bond and thus the couple welcomed their first child Aman on November 30, 2014.  However, just like a normal couple both Tyler and his girlfriend have seen ups and down in their relationship.

Parents: Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele

Tyler and Gelila may be quite famous themselves, however, the couple wants their son to be away from any publicity. As Tyler has discussed his plans for his son, which for now includes no public appearance. Apart from that, he has also made it clear that his son would have to earn his own fortune. As it’s no secret that Tyler himself has a jaw-dropping net worth, still he wants Aman to have his own.

In one such interview, he had also spoken about helping his own family members. As Tyler said that he is not a bank however if someone from his family is working hard, then Tyler never shies away from providing additional financial help. He follows the same principle for his own son, as Tyler and Gelila Bekele themselves but they want their son to work and make a name for himself.

 Watch the video where Tyler talks about his son