Goldie Hawn Net Worth

A few days back, we published the article analyzing Kurt Russel’s net worth. However, if we talk about his better half, Goldie Hawn, she deserves her own unique post. After all, same like Kurt even Goldie is a veteran actress, who has worked in numerous movies. As of now, the actress is all set to return to the big screen and again resume her career after a long break.

Born on  November 21, 1945, Hawn is not just an actress rather she is also a producer, director, and an occasional singer. Hawn has even founded a non-profit organization, Hawn Foundation. It works towards the improvement of the academic performance of youth. The foundation has supported research studies including, MindUP etc.

Hawn’s Net Worth – How she became rich?

Daughter of Edward Rutledge Hawn and Laura, Goldie began her professional career in 1967. As she first appeared on CBS situation comedy “Good Morning, World”. However, it was only after appearing on the show “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In”, that Hawn was recognized for her polished performance. For her role, the actress initially made $1,000 per week.

She made her feature film debut in 1968, with the movie “The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band”. While shooting the movie, Hawn even met her future hubby Kurt on the sets. In 1969, Hawn appeared in the movie “Cactus Flower”, which even earned her an Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress. After that, she established herself as a decent actress and over the subsequent years, she worked on many other projects.

Goldie Hawn net worth $ 60 million
Income from some of her movies:

The Sugarland Express (1974)$300,000 + 10% of profits
Shampoo (1975)$375,000 + 5% of profits
Private Benjamin (1980)$1,000,000 + % of gross
Best Friends (1982)$2,500,000
Wildcats (1986)$3,000,000 + % of gross
The Out-of-Towners (1999)$5,000,000


Life with Kurt Russel

Kurt and Goldie are not just one of the richest couple in Hollywood but also one of the most committed one. When they first met, Kurt was just 16 years old while Goldie was 21. However, nothing changed in the first instance. Later the duo again met on the set of “Swing Shift”. Since 1983, they have been together. Thier son Wyatt was born July 10, 1986.

From her previous marriage with Bill Hudson, Goldie has two children Oliver and Kate. While from his previous marriage with Season Hubley, Kurt Russel has a son, Boston.

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