Howard Stern Net Worth

You can hate them, you can love them, but you simply can’t ignore them. Well, this statement is true just for a couple of people, as in this busy life, we tend to ignore more and notice less. However, it’s not the case with Howard Stern, as it really, really hard to ignore him. Best known for his outspoken style, Stern began his career in 1975. As of now, he has become one the most successful radio host of all time and with it, Howard Stern’s net worth now is $ 600 million. So let’s break down the figure and see how he reached this level?

Born in Queens, New York City, on January 12, 1954, Howard Stern is an American television and radio personality. With a career span around 3 decades, Stern has also worked as a producer,  actor, author, and photographer. His book “Private Parts (1993)” was made into a movie, which could gross over $ 40 million. However, if we talk about his net worth, then the real source is very much different.

howard stern $ 500 million
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From $ 96 a week to $ 500 million net worth


howard stern net worthSon of Ray and Ben, Stern spent his formative years in in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens. Growing up in a Jewish family, Stern was always interested in radio. When he was just five years old, he began listening to various radio personalities. In some of his interviews, he has even disclosed that when he was young, his father had set up a tape machine, microphone,  and turntable. Stern used to record his own sketch and prank calls.

For his education, Howard attended Boston University and later got enrolled into the Radio Engineering Institute of Electronics. after graduating from the college, he was unsure of future. So declining the job proposal at WRNW, a progressive rock station, he started working in the marketing department at Benton & Bowles. However, he left the job and later worked as a salesman.

It was during those days, that he finally made u his mind to give a try to the previous job offer. On contacting WRNW again, he was hired for $96 a week. Soon he was promoted many times, before finally reaching $250 a week and working as a program director.

Over the years, his career grew rapidly before he achieved half a billion dollar mark.


How he made half a Billion within five years?

Stern became rich soon after he began his career. However, the major hike in his net worth came after 2005. As that was the time, when Howard Stern switched from terrestrial radio to satellite. The deal was finalized for the better survival of the satellite radio, however, for it, Sirius had to agree for a staggering half a billion dollars for five years. As reported by CNN, the contract included $100 million payout for each year, till it lasted. The money involved seem a bit high but still even Sirius noticed a 190% growth rate in between 2004 and 2005.

Immediately after the first year, certain parameters for growth were met and thus Sterna and his team revived shares worth over $ 200 million. Much above the originally decided amount, as it even included bonuses. Later he received 22 million shares of stock from the company. It added extra $82.9 million.

Turned down $ 15 million really?

$ 15 million dollars may mean a fortune for an average guy. However, for Stern, it’s just like an extra topping. After all the guy who already makes $ 100 million each year could take easy decision of neglecting a $ 15 million dollar project. The same happened when NBC shifted their show to New York so that its convenient for Stern to appear on their show “America’s Got Talent “. The deal was finalized for $ 15 million dollar paychecks each year. However Stern still left the show, only to be replaced by Siman Cowell.


Howard Stern Net Worth

Howard Stern Net Worth$ 500 million
Income/ Salary$ 100 million
Salary from AGT$ 15 million
Houses valaution 
Mansion in Palm Beach$52 Million
Apartment in New York$6.65 million
Other apartments$15.1 million
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Howard Stern net worth in 2017 is expected to be $ 620 million. However his net worth would depend on the success of the ongoing projects.