Ivanka Trump’s Retail Brand Thriving During Her Father’s Campaign

Trump’s own clothing line may be dwindling however when it comes to his 34-year-old eldest daughter, her business is now thriving. Often regarded as Trump’s secret weapon, Ivanka Trump had previously helped her brother to manage their multi-billion dollar empire when Trump was absent. Being media shy, she has just given a handful interviews till date, one recently given to People Magazine, wherein she discussed the difficulty in balancing campaign duties with motherhood. However, overcoming all the obstacles, it seems that she is somehow able to manage things perfectly.

Ivanka_Trump_2009_(b)Talking about her clothing line, her firm could increase the revenue to $ 100 million in the last fiscal year. It primarily includes a collection of mid-priced work-appropriate women’s clothing, which gets major attraction due to her celebrity status. After all, her her father Donald Trump is himself a billionaire, so luxury wealth and power are even being associated with her and even with her brand.

The revenue and new deals make her in the same league of Jessica Simpson, who recently who became a face of the billion-dollar empire.

Ivanka is known to be involved in her production line from top to the bottom. She manages even the minute details and is quite sensitive regarding the public relations.