J Cole: 5 Facts You May Not Know Including His Net Worth!

#5 J Cole made more money than Drake

When it comes to fame and popularity people easily think that it’s really hard to beat Drake. Well more or less they are right however back in 2015, J Cole made more than Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Weeknd. The list ( Top Money-Makers ) was released by Billboard, which showed Taylor Swift at the top. As she made a whopping $ 73.5 million while Cole could earn around $ 8.8 million. Fans may still wonder how other rappers could not earn as much as J Cole? Well, the simple answering lies in touring and concerts. As while other artists were busy recording or enjoying holidays, Cole was busy with a hectic schedule.

He even made it to the Forbes’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings 2014, after earning $ 7 million.

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