Jackie Chan Net Worth

Can you guess the highest paid actor of 2015 ? Well its not that tough and if you thought its Robert Downey Jr, then you are damn right. But now can you guess the Hollywood actor who is not an American citizen but still comes second on the list of highest paid actors. If this time Jackie Chan came to your mind, which most probably did, then again you are right. Making $50 million alone in the previous year, Jackie Chan’s Net worth now stands at $350 million (£224,000,000).

Apart from his acting what makes him really an adorable Superstar is his mastery in martial arts, a good sense of humor and down to earth nature. Most of the time one can see a cute simile on his face.


Jackie Chan Net Worth : $ 350 million (Forbes)

Jackie Chan

Birth PlaceVictoria Peak, Hong Kong
SpouseLin Feng -Jiao
ChildrenJaycee Chan (Son)


Born to Charles and Lee-Lee Chan on 7 April 1954, Jackie Chan’s earlier nick name was Pao-pao, which in Chinese means Cannonball. It was not a random name given to him rather his energetic persona as a child was the main reason behind it.

Not a very good student, Chan failed in his first year at Nah-Hwa Primanry located in Hong Kong island. Later his parents withdrew him from the school and sent him to China Drama Academy. There Jackie showed his dedication in acrobatics and martial arts. Over the subsequent years he gained mastery over it and which indeed helped him build his career in Hollywood.


Early Life in Film industry


In his formative years Chan first started working as a stuntman. He worked in movies like Fist of Fury and also in Enter the Dragon, starring Bruce Lee as the main lead. The  movie “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow “ eventually became his first breakthrough. The film was released in 1978 and it originally introduced a refreshing new genre for kung fu which was comedy. Thereafter his career gained momentum and till the year 1987, he was already established as a superstar in China. Some of his movies like The Young Master and Dragon Lord became super hit and even superseded Bruce lee’s box office records.


Jackie Chan Net Worth : His Assets :


Jackie Chan owns one Private jet Legacy 650 for which he paid around $ 30 million. Before being sold for a huge discount, the Jet was on Display at the Singapore Air Show 2012.

He also owns one house in Beverly hills for which the star reportedly paid $3 million. He bought the property in 1998.


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Global Cause and Charity:


As reported Jackie Chan would donate 100 % of his wealth which means that even he has joined Bill gates, Warren Buffet and others in their pledge to give away their fortune for good cause. The money would be used for human welfare and charity across the globe.

Now isn’t that great ?


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