Jean Muggli And Michael Strahan – The Ex Celebrity Couple

Celebrities lifestyle and personal life are almost always in the media spotlight. Whether it’s their new love story or unexpected splits, fans get all the information through various channels. The same goes for the former American football player, Michael Strahan, who found himself in a middle of a controversy just a couple of years back. As back then he and his wife, Jean Muggli, fought an ugly court battle which got a lot of media attention.

It all came as a shock to most of the fans as once they were the feel-good celebrity couples. Strahan would often speak about his wife in interviews as to how she helped him when things got tough. So an ugly court battle was the last thing that anyone could think of.

Strahan And Jean Muggli’s Story

It was in the late 90’s when Michael first saw Jean, who was then working at the Manhattan skin-care salon. In spite of his bulky looks, he was quite shy in the beginning. So in order to see Jean, he frequently visited the saloon, buying items that he didn’t need. Until one day when he gathered enough courage to disclose his feeling.

As told by Jean, she wasn’t much excited about him in the beginning however later the couple started enjoying each other’s company. After dating for a while, they tied the knot in 1999.

Jean Muggli with husband

They enjoyed their relationship for a couple of years. However in 2004 life became tough when Strahan struggled with his injuries while later he was even accused of cheating on his wife. Then in March 2005, Jean called the police saying that she was threatened. After that, the news about their breakup spread like a wildfire.

A court case was fought between the couple with Judge James B. Convery awarding $15 million in a divorce settlement to Muggli. Strahan appealed and the court then ordered his $3.6 million mansion to be auctioned off so that the money could be split between the two.

The couple has since then parted their ways. Currently, Michael is dating Kayla Quick while Muggli is reportedly single.

Jean Muggli Mini Bio

Jean Muggli was born on 30th November 1964 in North Dakota, USA. Although she is quite famous now, however, details about her childhood and education is not known publically. She earlier worked at a salon, however, her current profession if any is unclear.

Sister of Denise Muggli, Jean hardly makes a public appearance now. From her marriage with Strahan, she has two beautiful daughters. As in 2004, the couple was blessed with Sophia and Isabella Strahan.

At present Jean’s net worth is unknown, however, Michael’s net worth is estimated to be $ 55 million.