Jennifer Lopez net worth – New Evaluation

Jennifer Lynn Lopez, popular amongst her fans as J. Lo is American businesswoman, producer, fashion designer, author, actress, dancer, and singer. J.lo became serious about her career in acting, once she was cast in a minor role in the movie “My Little Girl” (1986). In the beginning, her parents were worried about her career choice as being Hispanic they regarded as an unreal decision. However, after a little struggle, she soon bagged over $ 1 million for the movie “Out of Sight”. With all her ventures, the singer earned $ 28.5 million in 2015 alone and at present Jennifer Lopez net worth is estimated to be $ 315 million.

Apart from the entertainment industry, J. Lo is known as a hyperproductive business woman, which justifies Jennifer Lopez net worth. It has been reported that there is a team of 25 individuals managing her day-to-day ventures.


Jennifer Lopez net worth over the years.

Jennifer Lopez net worth 2016$ 335.5 million
Jennifer Lopez net worth 2015$ 307 million
Jennifer Lopez net worth 2014$ 270 million


Jennifer Lopez net worth
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ResidenceLos Angeles, California, U.S.[
Weight59 kg
Height165 cm


Earnings over the years:

Earnings in 2015$28.5 Million
Earnings in 2014$37 Million
Earnings in 2013$52 million

Fun fact : In 2015, J. Lo was ranked # 95 on Forbes List of highest earning celebrities.


-> As reported by “billboard“, here is a rundown of her of overall earnings per year.


“American Idol” – From the show, she receives a hefty cheque ranging in between $12.5 million to $17.5 million. With each passing year, her pay cheque figure improves immensely. Well her good fan following is really helpful for building a good audience, so maybe these figures are justified.

“Coty fragrances” – She gets around 8 % of the total revenue from the companies sale of its perfume. So every year she easily gets a minor boost in her fortune by $13.3 million. Well, we are not assuming things , the stats shows it all.

“L’Oreal Paris” – She is her late 40s but who care J. Lo still looks much younger than her actual age. For the same reason, being the face of companies like L’Oreal Paris, the endorsements deals brings her home more than $ 5 million annually.

Other ventures : From her product line with Kohl’s, she receives 5% of revenues. Her personal stake in “NuvoTV & Fuse” is estimated to be in between $2 to $3 million. While even from her films she manages to make $2 million per project. In 2013, she was paid $12 million for the movie “Gigli”.


Born on July 24, 1969, to David and Guadalupe Rodriguez, Lopez along with her sisters spent her formative years in The Bronx, New York. The family lived in a small apartment as she belonged to a lower middle-class family. From the early start, her parents taught her the importance of work ethics and also emphasized the importance of fluency in English.

In her  final year of high school, Lopez got a chance to work in a low-budget movie “My Little Girl (1986” and thus, she realised her true dreams, which were to become a “famous movie star”.