Jennifer Pfautch Always Supporting Omari Hardwick

When we think about Omari Hardwick, the first thing that usually strikes our mind is the crime drama television series, “Power”. After all the show has managed to retain viewers interest for so long, as it premiered on June 7, 2014. Currently, in its fourth season, the show revolves around, “Ghost”, who is a wealthy New York night club owner, living a double life. Now when it’s hard to imagine someone else playing the character, “Ghost”, Hardwick himself has revealed that he was doubtful initially. However later he accepted the role, also crediting his wife, Jennifer Pfautch, for supporting him and praying for his right direction.

Though not a media personality, Jennifer Pfautch deserves some credit, after all, she has been always with Omari Hardwick, backing him up with important decisions. However, the couple has decided to keep their private life personal from the fans. Hardly much is revealed about the couple.

Omari Hardwick began his acting career in 2001. The actor first appeared in the movie “Circles(2002)”, while he had his Tv debut with the show “Crossing Jordan(2005)”. Hardwick married Jennifer Pfautch in 2012, since then the couple has been together. From their marriage, they have two kids. Back in 2015, there were a couple of reports that he might have lost his second son, however, none were from verified sources.

Still, the family has gone through a lot of ups and downs. As prior to 2015 rumored reports, Hardwick had to respond to some of the twitter users, who directly attacked his wife. Being a celebrity, it’s usual to face unwanted messages and comments, however, direct attacks on his wife were way too much to handle with a cool head. So the actor responded harshly to the negative comments.

We wish good luck to both Hardwick and his beautiful wife, Jennifer Pfautch. It seems that 2017 will be quite exciting for the cute couple.