Jerry Lawler net worth

Jerry Lawler is a color commentator and a semi-retired professional wrestler who is currently working with WWE. As reported by “TheRichest“, Jerry Lawler net worth is now estimated to be $ 7 Million.

Till date, he has played wrestling in many states and has won over 160 championships, which includes a three-time WCWA World Heavyweight and one-time AWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Jerry Lawler Net Worth
Image credit : Nightscream
Trained byJackie Fargo
ResidenceThe United States
Weight243 lb (110 kg)
Height6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Jerry lawler$7 Million


Born on November 29, 1949, in Tennessee, United States, Lawler first started working as a disc jockey. Due to his artistic ability, he became friends with Aubrey Griffith, a local wrestling promoter. The duo agreed that Jerry would give Aubrey a free publicity and in return, he will get a free wrestling training.

After his debut in 1970, Lawler won “battle royal” in September 1971. Over the subsequent years, he won  NWA Southern Tag Team Championship,  NWA Macon Tag Team , CWA World Champion, and  AWA International Championship. During his career as a professional wrestler, he also got involved in many feuds with individuals including Jackie Fargo, Andy Kaufman , Austin Idol, Tommy Rich, and Paul E. Dangerously.

Personal Life:

Cousin of “The Honky Tonk Man”, Jerry has married three times till now. At first, he was married to Kay (m.1971-1978) and has two children with her. Later he married Paula (m. 198291) and then to Stacy Carter (m. 200001). However, things could not work for much long so he decided to separate.

Other interests: 

Apart from wrestling, he has also worked on some music recordings and has even appeared in a Hollywood movie titled “Man on the Moon”. The fim featured Jim Carrey as the protagonist.

Due to his political interest, Jerry even ran for mayor in 1999. The results were favourable as he could beat 12 out of 15 candidates who ran for mayor of Memphis, Tennessee.