Hugh Laurie and wife Jo Green were on the verge of divorce?

Long distance and tight schedule is something which many couples endure at times. Most of the time, the primary reason behind it is the occupation. As often people tend to leave their native place in search of better opportunities. The same happened with Hugh Laurie and his wife Jo Green, when more than a decade ago, Laurie came to America. While his wife, Jo Green decided to stay in London with the rest of the family. Back then the couple decided not to uproot their children, after all, future was uncertain.

So for many years in a row, Laurie spent nine months out of every year away from his loved ones. He was trying to build a successful career though it was extremely difficult. However, in the end, it all paid off well as his character,  Dr. Gregory House became very popular. For the same, the actor even received two Screen Actors Guild Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. After earning £250,000 ($409,000) per episode in House, Laurie even became one of the highest-paid actors in a television drama. However, for all this success he had to pay the price, which could have almost ended up in a divorce.

As reported by “frostsnow”, the actor and his media shy wife faced numerous challenges due to their long distance relationship. After a point, it even became tough for them to stay in touch as a regular couple which made the situation worse.

Jo Green with husband

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Extramarital Affair?

The other reasons cited which also could be a root cause was Laurie’s extramarital affair and depression.

In one interview he said “I don’t know enough about the illness to say whether it was clinical, but I was certainly more than feeling a bit sad. It went on for long periods of time and had all the other symptoms, like lethargy and not wanting to get out of bed in the morning.”

He even spoke about being in a relationship with another woman for a brief moment of time, however, later he rectified his mistake.

By 2008, the actor had achieved his financial goals after establishing himself. So he decided to finally move his family to L.A. However at the end moment the plan was canceled. Later in 2012, Hugh moved backed to his native town and reunited with his family after eight years.

Hugh Laurie
Jo Green along with her hubby in Marbella

Jo Green Short Bio

Born in 1956 in London, United Kingdom, Jo Green is a celebrity wife of Hugh Laurie. She is a media-shy person, who has not revealed much about her personal life. The couple got married on 16 June 1989 in Camden Town, London. Together they have three children. Thier two sons Charles and William were born in 1988 and 1991 respectively. While they were blessed with a daughter, Rebecca in 1992.

Professionally Jo Green works as a theater administrator and holds a British nationality.

As reported by liverampup,  the couple has a combined net worth of $ 40 million. The decent net worth is primarily due to Laurie’s acting career, which has also brought fame and popularity. Till date, he has won numerous awards for the same.