John Sculley Net Worth

No matter what, John Sculley won’t be remembered as the president of Pepsi Cola rather he will always be known for the rift with Steve Jobs. As for some, Jobs had been the enlightened entrepreneur who could somehow peep into the future. So firing such a man was not at all acceptable. However back then, only a handful of people had faith in young Jobs and thus he was reportedly kicked out from his own company. And the man behind that move was John Sculley, who himself accepted the bitterness in between him and Jobs. In 1987, though Jobs was not much trusted, Sculley was one of the most admired business people, who had a salary package of $ 2.2 million. As of now, John Sculley net worth is estimated to be $ 200 million.

When he joined, Apple, the sales increased from $800 million to $8 billion, which somewhat justified his business tactics. However many regarded that as a byproduct of Job’s vision, which was taking shape by then. John Sculley left the company in May 1993, however, at that time, the company was in $ 200 million debt and had  $2 billion in cash.

Feud with Jobs. What actually Happened?

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Age: 79 years

John Sculley Net Worth

YearJohn Sculley Net Worth
2017$ 200 million
2016$ 190 million
2015$ 188 million


It was back in 1984 when Jobs was determined to make Macintosh a success. Despite having a huge fan following, the company still struggled with the sales of new Macintosh units as they were priced at $2500. This led to an issue in between Steve Jobs and the board, as Jobs wanted to pump in more money for development. However, Sculley along with the board members wanted to focus on older but successful products. After struggling for control, Jobs was asked to leave the organization, as the board had more trust in Sculley who was much older and had previous experience with Pepsi-Cola.

The events even led to Jobs, depression, however, later he recovered and started with his new projects. Next, he created history, which also resulted in his jaw-dropping net worth.