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John Wayne net worth : Marion Robert Morrison, best known amongst his fans as John Wayne, was American director, actor, and producer. Born on May 26, 1907, he began his acting career in 1926 and stayed active in the industry till 1976. His movies did a good business at the box office and thus he was among the top box office draws for three decades. Having appeared in numerous movies, Wayne’s net worth was $ 50 million.

During the initial years, he had minor roles in movies. Then in 1930, while moving a studio furniture, he was noticed by  Raoul Walsh, who was impressed by his looks. Later he signed Wayne for his movie The Big Trail (1930). Previously known as Robert Morrison, he first he wanted the screen name “Anthony Wayne” however after being suggested by the director he changed it to “John Wayne”. For his initial projects, he was earning $105 a week (worth $1,487 today).

John Wayne net worth

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Born at 224 South Second Street in Winterset, Iowa, Wayne’s ancestry included English, Scots-Irish, Irish, and Scottish. Son of Clyde Leonard Morrison and Mary “Molly” Alberta Brown, Wayne attended Wilson Middle School in Glendale. During his school days, he excelled at many sports, especially in football. At first, he wanted to join Navy however after being rejected he got enrolled at the University of Southern California (USC), majoring in pre-law.

Even during his college, he played football which even got him a scholarship. However, after one injury, he could not continue with the sport, which also terminated his scholarship. Finally, he left the University due to lack of funds.

Subsequently, he began his acting career in 1929.