JoseLine Hernandez Net Worth

From troubled childhood to shady past, then a makeover, JoseLine Hernandez somehow lands into controversy. Maybe it’s not something she wants but still every now and then there comes a new gossip regarding her. If we get to the positive side of it, she has indeed got fame and popularity. Also, at present, JoseLine Hernandez net worth is now estimated at $ 600k.

Due to her shady past, which suggests that she had even worked as a stripper, Hernandez has received constant criticism on  “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. The self-professed “Puerto Rican princess” has been on the show from Season 1 and since then she has been involved in many verbal spats. One report even claimed that the producers had thought of firing all the original cast. As verbal fights, arguments and lawsuits became a usual norm. Even the reunion fight got pretty intense with members attacking each other on the live camera.


JoseLine Hernandez Net Worth – How she began?

YearJoseLine Hernandez Net Worth
2017$ 600k
2016$ 550k
2015$ 520k
2014$ 470k

JoseLine HernandezHer income in between 2016 & 2017 is estimated be around $ 100k, prior to taxes and other expenses.

Born in 1986, Hernandez spent her childhood in the public housing system of Puerto Rico. Her formative years were full of struggle as her father had died when she was young. Then in order to support her family, she took up odd jobs, which included one at a strip club. Also known previously as “Shenellica Bettencourt”, she was arrested twice in between 2003 and 2007. The reason cited behind it was her offensive behavior.

Love Life:

Hernandez has publically announced that she is bisexual. It was previously reported that she had fallen in love with Stevie J, who had initially met her at the Onyx Club in Atlanta. In 2013  it was rumored that the couple had finally married however in 2016, Stevie J confirmed that it was just a publicity stunt.


Stevie J sued:

As of now, Stevie J has been sued by Joseline who is even demanding him to take a paternity test. It was something expected as for a long time, the couple had not settled the matter. Now Joseline thinks that she might have to pay for the medical expenses, which earlier Stevie had promised to pay. Apart from that, she has also demanded the child support from him

Update: Latest reports suggest that Steve J had sued Joseline for defamation, however, the case was dismissed.

Things look all messed up at present, however, it is expected that Joseline would soon be back on the track.

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