Kevin Hart Net Worth

Kevin Hart net worth  is $ 82 million. Well, it’s no secret that Kevin Hart has gained huge fan following and is now quite popular. He easily makes in millions even for performing 1 hour during events. His net worth is not just due to the stand-up tours rather it also comes from endorsements and acting.

He has deals with numerous brands, one of which is with Nike which indeed brings him $ 10 million annually. Other brands include H&M, Foot Locker, Hyundai, Verizon, eBay, Xbox, Samsung, and Ford. Till date, Kevin has earned over $ 120 million, however after deducting taxes and other expenses, the amount comes down to $ 82 million.

Net worth comparison

As shown in the above bar chart, Kevin Hart secures the first position with $ 82 million. Next comes Chris Rock whose popularity and fame has resulted in a net worth of $ 70 million. On the third position, there is Russel Peters whose net worth is estimated to be $ 40 million. While Louis CK’s assets are calculated to be around $ 25 million. Till 2008 Kevin was not as rich as he is now. It was only after that time period that Hart’s net worth grew substantially. All thanks to the increased number of endorsements, movies, and tours.


A run down of his income:

Public Appearance$ 20,633,716
Acting$ 24,760,459
Endorsements$ 33,013,946
Other$ 4,126,743

The major portion of his net worth comes from endorsements, as through such deals, Kevin has earned $ 33,013,946. Till date, he has appeared on a number of advertisements. He has also appeared in a number of movies and Tv shows, which adds additional $ 24,760,459 to his bank balance. Then even from his public appearances and tours, he has been able to earn a decent figure which sums up to $ 20,633,716. The rest includes his investments and other business ventures.

When it comes to acting, his income source can be bifurcated into movies and TV. From movies that actor made $ 14,768,799 while from Tv he could earn $ 9,991,660.


Money from Endorsements:

YearIncome from Endorsements
2013$ 5,599,124
2014$ 3,600,488
2015$ 7,676,119

Only a dip was seen in 2014 otherwise, Kevin usually makes more than $ 5 million annually through commercials and advertisements. The Nike deal is now of $ 10 million but taxes takes a major chunk from it. Still it significantly adds to Kevin Hart net worth.

Kevin Hart net worth over the recent years:

YearKevin Hart net worth
Kevin Hart net worth 2012Na
2013$ 40,345,534
2014$ 54,343,345
2015$ 63,344,567
2016$ 82,534,865
2017 (estimated)$ 96,000,000

Note: Kevin Hart net worth in 2017 is an estimation based on his income from various ventures.


According to Forbes, Kevin Hart earned over $ 25 million in-between 2015-2016. However after deducting extra expenses, the total income was around $ 19,190,298.

In 2014, his worth just shows $ 54,343,345, while in 2016 it increased up to $ 82 million. During that time period, he earned $ 28 million, which seems pretty impressive amount.


Hart’s net income over the recent years is given below:

YearKevin Hart earning 
2013$ 13,997,811
2014$ 9,001,222
2015$ 19,190,298


In 2013, his net earning were $ 13,997,811 while in 2014 it was close to $ 9 million. After a decline in the income, he again was able to earn around $ 28 million. However after tax and expenses, the final amount was $ 19,190,298.



Kevin Hart net worth
Image credit : Eva Rinaldi
Years active1999 – present
Height1.63 m
Weight141 lbs
Kevin Hart Net Worth Totals $ 82 million


Born on July 6, 1979, in Pennsylvania, Hart is the son of Henry Robert Witherspoon and Nancy Hart. Being raised by a single parent, Hart has a rough childhood. Still he developed his abilities to make people laugh. Over the subsequent years, he worked on his talents in order to be diverted from daily struggles.

After his graduation, he moved to Massachusetts, where he first started working as a salesman. However soon he even started performing at local nightclubs. He did stand up comedy which indeed brought him initial fame and popularity.

His first gig at The Laff House could not end as expected. Before the completion, he was asked to leave the stage. But still he was quick to cope with adversity and soon people started appreciating his work.

This time, he worked on his own unique style and discovered that talking about personal flaws make people gravitate towards you.  He began his tours in 2009 with “I’m a Grown Little Man,” which indeed was successful. Later he did an act titled “Seriously Funny(2010)”, followed by “Laugh at My Pain(2011)”.

Kevin made his Movie debut from the film titled “Paper Soldiers”. His breakthrough in movies was only after appearing in films such as Scary Movie franchise, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Soul Plane, Little Fockers, and Death at a Funeral.


Personal life:

In 2011, Kevin divorced his first wife, Torrei Hart. The reason cited behind it was irreconcilable differences.  However, he has also requested the court to let him have a joint custody of their children.

As of now he is with Eniko Parrish, whom he had proposed in 2014. The couple is likely to tie the knot on August 8, 2016.