KSI Net Worth

Multi-talented YouTube personality, comedian, rapper and above all a video game commentator, KSI has now become quite famous. With the increase in his popularity, KSI net worth is now estimated to be $3 million. As the total number of subscribers on his YouTube channel is 16 M, which indeed has helped him in making millions through the online community.

He is one of the few YouTube celebs, who have over billion views on YouTube. His screen persona is unique and may be its one of the most important reason behind his massive fan following on the website

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Top 5 British YouTubers: Richest of them all

  • 1 Olajide “JJ” Olatunji (KSI)
  • 2 Tom Cassell
  • 3 Zoe Sugg
  • 4 Joseph Garrett
  • 5 Dan Howell

KSI Net Worth

YearKSI Net Worth
2017$ 3 million
2016$ 2 million

YouTube career

Prior to KSIOlajidebt, his famous channel, Olajide “JJ” Olatunji had another less known YouTube channel called JideJunior. The first channel was started on 24 April 2008, while his second channel KSIOlajidebt(Now KSI) was created on 24 July 2009. KSI’s main inspiration were YouTubers such as Hjerpseth and Weepeler. He has a younger brother, Deji Olatunji who is also well known for his channel,  “ComedyShortsGamer”.

Along with Randolph (fellow YouTuber), KSI has even started his musical career. He released his first rap song “Heskey Time” in 2011 and soon after that he started a segment called “Football Rap Battles”. The new segment was inspired by web series “Epic Rap Battles of History”.

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His song “Lamborghini” could reach # 7 on UK R&B chart. The song also featured P Money. Lately, he also released numerous other songs.

KSI net worth


Born19 June 1993 (age 22)
Birth nameOlajide Olatunji
Main ChannelKSIOlajide
GenresBritish hip hop


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