LeBron James Net Worth

LeBron James Net Worth is $ 250 million. James has usually been in the news as a dominant basketball player. However lately his name again surfaced, though in a different context. As recently Nike signed a lifetime contract with the player which would definitely give a major boost to his Net Worth. The new deal has yet not been disclosed however it secures him an active income even after retiring from the game. The previous deal with Nike was bringing him $ 20 million each year. Apart from this, he had also signed deals with other giants including Kia, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s (MCD), Beats by Dre, Samsung and Tencent. All these ventures helped him with an additional $44 million each year. As reported by Spotrac, the player made $ 23 million from the game alone in 2015.

So when LeBron publicly announced his plans to be a billionaire, things looked hard though not impossible for him. He is aware of the fact that million dollar endorsement and his current salary won’t be enough to reach his goal so he needs a concrete business model as well. In fact after meeting Warren buffet, he started his own company “LRMR Marketing”, which deals in real estate and stocks.

LeBron James worth

BornDecember 30, 1984
Weight250 lb
Height6 ft 8 in
Years active2003–present


LeBron James Net Worth over the Subsequent years:

LeBron James Net Worth 2014$ 185 million
LeBron James Net Worth 2015$ 215 million
LeBron James Net Worth 2016$ 250 million


Fortune comparison with other players:

Net worth comparison

As you can see from the above chart, there is a huge difference in-between Lebron James and Lamar Odom. However ,Wade and Webber are quite close to James’ fortune.


Lebron James earning over the subsequent years:

Income in 2014$ 30 million
Income in 2015$ 35 million

Note the income calculated after deducting taxes and taking into account other expenses.


Endorsement :

As you already know that Lebron makes most of his income through endorsements. Being a prominent player, he has been endorsement by big brands which include companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, McDonald’s, Samsung, Dunkin’ Donuts, Tencent, Kia and Audemars Piguet.


About :

His mother Gloria Marie James was just 16 years old when he was born. James saw initially life struggle as his single teenage mother had to raise her son on her own. While Gloria was searching a decent job the duo had to move from apartment to apartment. His formative years were not easy.

Soon for the betterment of her son, she sent him to live with a stable family of a football coach. There Lebron was introduced to basketball when he just eight years old. At first, he got mild success with local teams but eventually he started playing at the international level.

Throughout his career, he has been awarded many times including two times gold medal in Olympics in 2008 and 2012. Apart from that he has also won 2012 USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year, 2006 FIBA World Championship Bronze Medal,  and 2004 Olympic Bronze Medal.