Lil Durk Net Worth

Nominated for “UI Rapper of the year” award in 2016, Lil Durk has now become quite popular amongst his fans. All thanks to unique beats and amazing lyrical flow, that he now in the mainstream media. It’s interesting to know that the 24-year-old rapper was not always serious about rap. However, he changed his mind in 2011, which indeed proved to be a right decision. At present, Lil Durk has a lot to catch up with established rapper like Rick Ross, Drake, and Lil Wayne, however, it seems he is trying his best to achieve the feat. In 2017, Lil Durk net worth is estimated to be $ 600k.

How Lil Durk become popular?

Legal Issues

Lil Durk Net Worth

Lil Durk net worth

Years active2011–present
Height 5′ 11″ (1.80 m
YearLil Durk Net Worth
2017$ 600k
2016$ 570k
2015$ 540k
Income$ 30k

Only a few know him by his real name, Durk Banks, as most fans know him by the stage name Lil Durk. Born on October 19, 1992, he spent his formative years in Englewood. Growing up in a neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, Banks was never serious about a career in music industry. So unlike other artists, he took the time to finalize his plans for the future. After releasing singles “I’ma Hitta” and “Sneak Dissin’, he considered rap as “a full-time career”. However, since then the young artist has constantly worked his skills.

At first, he was affiliated with Chief Keef’s label while later he was signed by Def Jam Recordings. After releasing a couple of singles and mixtapes, he released his debut album “Remember My Name” on  June 2, 2015. It received a mixed response. His second album”Lil Durk 2X” was released by “Def Jam Recordings” and “Only the Family” in 2016.

Legal Issue:

He was sentenced to three months in jail in 2013 due to a weapon charge. Following his release, he again served 87 more days. A complaint was filed as Lil Drunk threw a loaded gun into his car when a police officer approached him for interrogation.

Cars and Assets Owned:

As reported, though not confirmed, he owns an all chrome Ferrari and a Porsche.