Logic Net Worth

After 2010, rap genre has seen a plethora of new rappers ranging from different styles to different ethnicity. Previously dominated by the black community, the genre has now seen an increase in white rappers. As though we have new rising stars like Lil Yachty and Lil Durk, we even have newcomers like Logic and G-Eazy, who have managed to attract a large audience.  With the rise in fame and popularity, the artists have also enhanced their net worth and overall bank balance.

As reported in 2017, Logic net worth is now estimated to be $ 5 million. While in the year 2016, the rapper could make $ 250k in profits. As per Forbes, his concerts have an average nightly gross upwards of $55,000 in America. The same trend is likely to follow in the coming months as almost all his shows go housefull, tickets being sold out within a small duration of time.

The Methodical Rise Of Rapper – Net worth

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Logic net worth
Age: 27 years

The Methodical Rise & Logic Net Worth

YearLogic Net worth
2017$ 5 million
2016$ 4.3 million
2015$ 3.7 million
2014$ 3.4 million


Born on January 22, 1990, Logic spent his formative years in the West Deer Park neighborhood of Gaithersburg. The place he lived in had 24.6% of residents living below the poverty line. Also, the area had high drug consumption. Even logic’s parents were addicted to drugs which could have resulted in his own downfall. Then, the rapper had also dropped out of school as he regularly went missing from the classes. Later in one of his interviews, he said, “I started doing badly and failed every class but English, so they kicked me out of school, they gave up on me.”

It was after watching Kill Bill: Volume 1 and meeting Solomon Taylor, that Logic could see what he exactly wanted to do with life. As after that, he expressed a deep affection for hip hop and aspired to become a rapper.

So when everything looked going in the wrong direction then what went right. Well, if we go by the words of Logic’s manager, then, apart from his good lyrics and beats, it all comes down to clever marketing. Talking to Forbes, Chris Zarou even said “We always try to do something outside the box”.

The concerts attract people due to their unique style of performance, which adds high production value. Everything is well planned, which includes the right  LED screen size on display, to graphics shown during the performance. “I’ve invested a couple million into touring and that’s paid off,” he added.

Logic’s debut album “Under Pressure” was released in 2014. Celebs like Dj Khaled, Big Sean, and DJ Khalil also contributed to the album.  Since then Logic’s fame and net worth have has grown exponentially.

In 2015, he married Jessica Andrea.

Logic’s Income from albums:

  • Under Pressure (2014) – $ 300k
  • The Incredible True Story (2015) – $ 250k
  • Everybody (2017) -NA