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When fans try to search about “London King”, they hardly get much information, however on searching “London King actress“, some articles pop up. To make everything available on the same page, today we have collected detailed information about actress London King so that readers don’t have to look further.

Over the recent years, the actress cum model has just made a handful public appearances, avoiding the limelight.

Career, Movies, Achievements:

London King Relationships:

The reason why Elle King dropped her Surname:

Career, Movies, Achievements

London King began working as a model. After gaining initial popularity, she even got a chance in Hollywood. She mostly acted in supporting roles in numerous movies. As reported, she also worked on Tv shows however later she decided to change her career path and minimize her public appearance.

When it comes to the number of movies, she may look a bit behind Rob Schneider. However, when it comes to onscreen persona and personality, she is second to none. After all London King appeared on just a couple of movies, still she has retained a decent fan following even after so many years.

According to IMDB, she is mostly known for roles in movies such as A Better Way to Die (2000), Raw Fish (2001), and The Calling (2002).

Her net worth is estimated to be $ 400k while no public record regarding her awards and nominations could be traced.

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London King Actress Relationships

Actor Rob Schneider married London King on 25 September 1988. However, due to some differences, their marriage ended within two years on 1 September 1990. Thier daughter Tanner Elle Schneider(now known as Elle King) was born on July 3, 1989.

After their first marriage ended, both King and Schneider remarried. As he married to Helena in 2002 while she found the love of her life after meeting Justin Tesa. King and Tesa tied the knot on 21 January 2000. Later her second daughter Noah King was born and the family was complete. Though Elle and Noah are step sisters, still they share a good bonding. Since 2000, London King actress and Justin Tesa have been together and are still passionate about each other.


Elle King’s relationship with her dad

London King's Daughter Elle

Though her biological father may be Rob, however, Elle has made it clear that she is much closer to her step-dad Justin. As while growing up, he always supported her with her career choice, also advising her on crucial matters. In an interview with “abc News“, she even said that people might know who her dad (Rob) is but she wants to make her own unique identity in the industry.