Manuela Escobar – The Daughter Of Pablo Escobar

With an estimated fortune of $ 28 billion, Pablo Escobar was not one of the richest but the richest drug lord in the world. It was reported that at one time, he could bring in $420 million a week, all net profits without any liability of tax. When Forbes normally don’t include people with notorious business models, Escobar still made it to their list of the richest people in between 1987 to 1993. Due to his power and fame, even his family came to the limelight. It included his wife, Maria Victoria Henao and two children, son, Sebastián Marroquín and daughter, Manuela Escobar.

Though Sebastián is quite known in the media after appearing on documentaries and authoring books, Manuela Escobar has decided to stay away from the public eye. Even Maria Victoria Henao has made the public appearance, however, her daughter is now just a mystery. More was known about her prior to Pablo Escobar’s death, than its known now.

Manuela Escobar Family

Manuela Escobar – A Daddy’s Girl

Born on 6th October 1971, Manuela Escobar was very close to her dad. As though Pablo was known for his violence, however, once he burnt up to $ 2 million just to keep her daughter warm. It was during a hideout in the Medellín mountainside when young Manuela became ill. To protect her from hypothermia, the drug lord burnt stacks of dollar bills. There are reports that once his daughter demanded a unicorn. So Pablo quickly got her a horse and stapled(we don’t lie) a cone to its head. To make it look perfect he also ordered wings on its back, eventually killing the horse.

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Then on asking her dad how much a billion dollars was, Pablo replied “the value of your eyes, my princess.” 

However, life took a u-turn for the family after the head of the family died. As after that, they not only left behind everything they knew but also changed their complete identity. As of now, Manuela is known by the name “Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos” and to keep her identity privates she doesn’t have a twitter or Instagram account. Her brother, Juan Pablo changed his name to “Sebastián Marroquín”.


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