Mark Cuban and Donald Trump Twitter War

Well, it’s no secret that there is some ongoing rift in between Cuban and Donald Trump. As though at first, Cuban went on to support Trump. He even tweeted a couple of times to show his full support for the fellow billionaire. Trump responded with equally decent tweets. However, then suddenly Cuban went from supporting Trump to trolling him on Twitter. The main reason behind it was the tax policies that Cuban never agreed to. Cuban even offered a $ 10 million charity if Trump agrees for an interview on economic and tax policies.

Cuban first showed his support for Trump in July 2015. However, till July 2016, it became quite clear that Cuban would rather side with Hilary than with Trump.

He was even invited to attend the debate in which Trump and Hilary were face to face, discussing their plans to make America great again.

The twitter spat has gone way too far. Especially considering the facts that they both are billionaires and pretty successful in their own space. So it’s not a common trend amongst the businessmen to use twitter for these activities, rather most of them hardly have any social media account.


As of now, Cuban officially endorses Clinton and has even called Trump “a jagoff.” So the aggressive exchange of tweets won’t stop anytime soon. However, only time would tell who makes more sense to the American general public.