Mark Cuban net worth

Normally when we think of billionaires, we tend to picturise a guy in a proper suit and tie, with a diplomatic and polite nature. However, as they say, that rules differ with different people. So is the case with our billionaire Mark Cuban. As though Mark Cuban net worth is estimated to be $3.3 Billion, still one may spot him in a casual shirt and jeans with at times outrageous attitude. With fame, people tend to showcase their best side to the world but some guys hardly care. That being said, we will today dig a bit deeper into the private life and business life of the unique billionaire, Mark Cuban.

At present, Cuban with his jaw-dropping net worth is ranked # 527 on the Forbes’ list featuring World Billionaires. He is one of the richest men in the United States, where he is ranked # 198. With a Self-Made Score of 8, Cuban started from the bottom. As he was not born into riches, rather Cuban worked his way up to reach where he is today. Below you can read about his personal life and how he started.

Mark Cuban net worth


Mark Cuban net worth – Comparision

  • Donald Trump – 3.7 billion USD
  • Paul Allen – 17.8 billion USD
  • John paul Dejoria – 3.1 billion USD
  • Mark Cuban net worth – $3.3 Billion

Mark Cuban net worth comparision


In between the four billionaires, Paul Allen comes at the top with his fortune $ 17.8 billion. Donald Trump comes second with a net worth of 3.7 billion. However, Trump often claims that even his fortune exceeds $ 10 billion. Still, for now, we go by Forbes estimates and brings down his net worth to $ 3.7 billion. Cuban and Dejoria comes next with a net worth of $ 3.3 billion and $ 3.1 billion.


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Mark Cuban net worth – How it all began?


Son of Norton Cuban and Shirley, Mark Cuban was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 31, 1958. Growing up in a working-class Jewish family, his paternal grandfather had emigrated from Russia to America through Ellis Island. While even his maternal grandparents belonged to a Jewish community and had come from Romania.

mark-cuban-net-worth-comparisionFrom an early start, Cuban showed interest in business and thus at age 12, he was already selling garbage bags to make some extra cash. Then instead of attending his high school he got enrolled into the University of Pittsburgh, where he again did some small jobs. He worked as a bartender, a party promoter, and a disco dancing instructor.

Again after college, he continued switching in between different jobs. As at times, he was fired and many times he quit as it was of no interest to him.

After moving to Dallas in 1982, he began working for a PC software retailer. However, within a year, again he was fired. After that, Cuban began his own company MicroSolutions with support from his previous customers. Years later, Cuban sold his first company for  $6 million, making $ 2 million after all the taxes.

However, Cuban became a billionaire only after selling the domain “”, to Yahoo. The deal was finalized for a whopping $ 5.7 billion. Soon after that Cuban diversified his money in order to safeguard his wealth from the volatile market trends.

He even made it to the Guinness Book of Records in 1999. As for acquiring a Gulfstream V jet, he reportedly paid $ 40 million online, making it the “largest single e-commerce transaction”.

He later spent $ 285 million for a majority stake in the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. The team had a previous winning record of 40% however under Cuban’s ownership they  won 69 percent of their regular season games. Since then, the Billionaire has come a long way.

Mark Cuban net worth has seen fluctuations over the recent years but most probably his net worth would rise sharply in the coming years.

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