Merv Griffin Net Worth – How He Became So Rich?

Gone are the days when in order to be rich one needed a big Business or a company with a good turnover. As of today, there are some actors who don’t only have a great fortune to flaunt but have also made a powerful presence on Forbes. With their hard work, smart work and a little bit of luck they have created immense wealth over the years. So now there are many rich stars but talking about the richest among them, the net worth of this actor is a whopping 1 Billion USD.


Merv Griffin Net Worth – 1 Billion US dollars


With a total net worth of 1 Billion US dollars, Merv Griffin was a musician, a TV host,  an actor and a media mogul. He had a humble beginning as a radio singer, later,  Griffin established his own record label in 1946, named as Panda records.

His Biography 

Born to Irish parents in California, Merv showed early interest in music. First, he joined a local church as a choir member and then became an organist, earning his own money in his teens.

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merv Griffin
NameMerv Griffin
Birth PlaceCalifornia, US
EthnicityIrish American
 Spouse  Julann Wright


I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts was sold over three million copies in 1950 and through it Merv Griffin struck gold. In 1964 he produced a tv Series Jeopardy which became an instant hit amongst the masses. Before turning his focus on Tv series he appeared in a number of films. From 1958 to 1962 Merv Griffin hosted a popular game show Play your hunch.

In Beverly Hills Griffin also got into Real Estate by acquiring Beverly Hilton Hotel. In 1988 Merv purchased the Hotel from Donald Trump in Atlantic City.

In the Bahamas, there was also a successful deal for Paradise Island Resort and Casino which Merv Griffin purchased from Trump. His interest in Hotel Industry eventually led to his immense wealth and thus in 2003, Merv’s personal wealth stood at 1.2 Billion USD.


Some Honors earned:

  • Hollywood Walk of Frame in the year 1974
  • A golden Palm Star was dedicated to this mega star in 1998.
  • From National University he accepted the degree Doctor of Laws in 2005.
  • Television Hall of Fame in the year 2008.


Since 1996 he was battling his prostate cancer and then in 2007 he was admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles. At the age of 82, he died. After he passed away his property in California was up for sale for a staggering 9.5 million USD. The Moroccan-style paradise was built by him in 1986.