Michael Douglas Net Worth

One of the wealthiest shakers and movers in Hollywood, Michael Douglas Net worth is $ 300 million. He has amassed such a wealth by working as an actor and also as a director over the subsequent years. In 1972 he got his first significant role in Tv series “The Streets of San Francisco“, however soon in 1975 he went on to produce a super-hit movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. The movie altogether won 5 Oscars awards and thus marked the beginning of his successful career as an actor and a producer.

Some of his other successful movies included  Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction, Wall Street, Romancing the Stone and The China Syndrome. 


Michael Douglas Net Worth: $ 300 million


Michael Douglas : Wiki


Citizenship Bermuda and United States
BornSeptember 25, 1944
Spouse (s)Catherine Zeta-Jones (m.2000)
EducationAllen-Stevenson School

Michael Douglas Early Life –


Born to Diana Dill and Kirk Douglas, Michael spent his early days in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Growing up with three brothers, he first enrolled tatThe Allen-Stevenson School. Later he joined the University of California, Santa Barbara and then in 1968 he completed BA in drama. For UCSB Alumni Association he also served as the Honorary President during his college life.

Career in TV and Film industry

Starting his career in the late 1960s, Michael Douglas first impressed his fans with a little known movie Hail, Hero! His perfection in acting got him nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Male Newcomer.

He became a producer in 1975 with his venture with Saul Zaentz. The movie was named One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, after acquiring the rights for the same novel.


Movie : Romancing the Stone

He got his real breakthrough in Hollywood with the 1984 movie Romancing the Stone. Douglas both produced and starred in this romantic adventure comedy. Director Robert Zemeckis made his presence felt with his first movie and even Douglas was uplifted in his declining career. So overall it was a hit and profitable project for all.

In following years he never stopped and thus appeared in a number of other Hollywood hits.


Micheal Douglas Net worth : Estate and Mansions 


Bedford Home

In 2010 Michael Douglas became the owner of this house. After fighting with cancer the actor finally wanted a peaceful location where he could undergo the treatment, so he made up his mind to purchase a house in Westchester county, NY.  Reportedly he shelled $ 5.25 million for this property.


Bermuda Home

Priced at $ 2.5 million, Micheal purchased this villa in 2001. The primary motive was to acquire a beach holiday house for some special occasions.  Located in Hamilton the estate has five bedrooms , dining area, kitchen , guest room and three luxurious bathrooms. Apart from all the basic amenities the villa also has a beautiful swimming pool.


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Swansea home

Both Catherine Zeta Jones and Douglas built this house in the year 2003.  The cost for the construction went upto $ 1.7 million.

Located in the fishing village of Mumbles the total area covered is 0.4 acres. The mansion is beautifully built with four bedrooms, dining area, living room and five bathrooms.

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