Michael Oher Net Worth

Michael Jerome Williams, Jr better known to his fans as “Michael Jerome Oher” is an American football player who was drafted by Baltimore Ravens in 2009. Prior to that, he has also played for the Tennessee Titans. At present, Michael Oher net worth is estimated to be 20 Million. The player earns up-to $2.7 Million per annum.

Beginning his career in 2009, he first played for Baltimore Ravens (2009–2013). Then in 2014 he was signed by Tennessee Titans. However, just after one year, he started playing for the Carolina Panthers and is currently on the team.

Michael Oher net worth
Image credit : Keith Allison
Roster statusActive
Michael Oher net worth$ 20 million
Weight315 lb (143 kg)
Height6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)

Born on May 28, 1986, in Tennessee,  Williams had a rough childhood. As from any early age, he got minimum support from his parents and had to attend 11 different schools in just 9 years. Usually, he got a  foster home to live in however he was many times homeless.

From an early start, he showed interest in sports, which eventually allowed him to have a better life for himself. At first, he started playing football in high school. However later he even started playing basketball.


Michael Oher Net Worth directly comes from his earningn as a basket ball player. Below is his income for the previous year.

Salary from Tennessee Titans$1,300,000
Roster bonus from Carolina Panthers$181,000
Workout bonus “$150,000
Carolina Panthers contract$7,154,000
Carolina Panthers signing bonus$2,600,000
Carolina Panthers salary$850,000


In 2009, Baltimore Ravens had signed Oher for $13.8 million which included a a five-year, contract. Then after its completion, Oher had signed a contract with Tennessee Titans which amounted to $20 million. This new contact was finalised on March 14, 2014.

As seen in the above table, Oher again signed a two year contaract with Carolina Panthers. This new contract will bring him another $ 7 million to his fortune.


Note the net worth is calculated after deducting taxes and expences. Its based on net income after analysing salary, endorsments, bonuses etc.