Mike Conley’s NBA record deal worth it for Grizzlies

As reported by the league sources, Mike Conley and the Memphis Grizzlies have recently agreed on a $153 million five-year deal. In NBA history, this indeed would the richest contract by total value. The annual value exceeds 30 million. If everything goes as planned, the deal would be finalized on Friday night.

Conley, 28, was earlier known as the NBA’s most underrated player, who has never been an All-Star. However, this is the game changer for the young player. Even the Mavs and other suitors could offer a contract to Conley as high as $114 million over four years. But it’s clear that for now, Conley has no solid reason to deviate from the current contract.

Largest Contracts In NBA History

Contract1ST SEASON OF DEALPlayer
$153.0M2016-17Mike Conley
$140.2M2016-17Damian Lillard
$139.0M2016-17DeMar DeRozan
$136.4M2016-17Kobe Bryant
$127.7M2016-17Anthony Davis
$127.7M2016-17Andre Drummond
$127.7M2016-17Bradley Beal

As seen in the above table, the only two players who come close to Conley are DeMar DeRozan and DeMar DeRozan. As both could sign a contract over $ 130 million.


Previously Conley signed a five-year, $45 million extension in 2010 with Memphis Grizzlies. At that point of time, the deal was questioned even by the experts as back then Conley was more of an average Joe. But after that, he proved it that the contract was beneficial both for him and the team. As he went on to help lead the Grizzlies to a franchise-record six straight playoff appearances.