How much would you pay to have a lunch with Warren Buffett $3.46 Million May be?

Well, this is the amount that an anonymous bidder has agreed to pay for a single lunch with Warren Buffet. And believe us it’s not the first time that such an amount has been paid. Lunch-with-Warren auction started in 2000 when Pete Budlong paid  $25,000 to dine with Warren. However in 2008, a Chinese businessman Zhao Danyang paid a whopping $2,110,100 for the same. Since then the figure has remained above $ 1 million. It seems that the admirers are ready to any amount just to know and gain some knowledge from the legendary investor.

Started by Warren’s late wife, Susan, the charity dinner has till now managed to bring in more than $ 24 million. The money directly goes to Glide, a charitable organization in San Francisco.

Warren buffet

Surprised by such a response , Glide’s co-founders, Rev Cecil Williams stated ““We are astonished by the results of this year’s auction and send heartfelt gratitude to Mr Buffett for his deep investment in unconditional love and community.””

The auction was conducted on eBay and has now also become the most expensive one.

About Gilde:

The charitable organization provides clothes, food, and shelter to the underprivileged. Annually they serve over 850,000 meals and also provide the basic amenities to the poor. It was Susan who had earlier associated with the organization however even after her death Buffet remained committed towards the good cause. Buffet once said in an interview that he is proud of being involved with such an organization.

Apart from this, Buffet has also donated billions to the Gates Foundation. He has pledged to give away 99 percent of his net worth which simply means more that $ 50 billion.