Dr Dre’s Wife Nicole Threatt Biography

Dr Dre is quite popular, all thanks to his insane net worth and good track record. However, fans at times wonder about the lady who is often spotted with him. So who exactly is Nicole Young Threatt aka Nicole Threatt?

Nicole Young, better known in the media as Nicole Threatt is the mysterious wife of hip-hop mogul Dr Dre. The couple has been together for over 20 years and their relationship is still going strong. The most obvious reason behind their strong bond is true love, the other reason often cited is their dependency on each other. As it’s not just Nicole Young who depends on Dr Dre, as he is her husband but even Dre depends on Nichole for her deep business understanding. Throughout these years, Nichole has provided valuable suggestions and strategies which indeed has helped Dre building his huge empire.

Born on 1 January 1970, Nicole Threatt’s age is 47. As reported, she was previously an attorney however as of now Threatt has become a housewife and socialite. Details about her education and childhood are not available publically. Prior to 1996, she was with Sedale Threatt who is a retired American basketball player. However, due to some issues, their relationship could not work for too long and thus ended abruptly.Later Nichole found the love of her life Dr. Dre and since then the couple has been together.

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Unlike Threatt, this was Dr. Dre first marriage. Though the rapper cum entrepreneur has been linked up with numerous women before he met her. The most notable amongst them are Lisa Johnson and singer Michel’le. Also, from his previous relationships, Dr. Dre has 5 kids.

Nicole Threatt’s Family

From her marriage with Dre, Threatt has 2 kids. Thier son, Truce was born in 1997 while the couple was blessed with a daughter, Truly in 2001. The couple reportedly owns many properties, one of which is their Hollywood Hills mansion. As Dre had spent a whopping $ 40 million for purchasing it. The mansion matches their affluent lifestyle.

Online presence:

There are a couple of social media accounts that look related to Nicole Young, however, none are verified. Most probably she keeps her accounts anonymous only sharing her personal life with close friends and family.

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