Pasionaye Nguyen Biography – Who is Tyga’s Mother?

Tyga has been successful and so is his mother, Pasionaye Nguyen. As raising a child without a father is pretty hard. So it comes as no surprise that Tyga is close to his mother who has always been by his side. Whether it’s supporting her son during his legal issues or for his relationship with Kylie, Nguyen has never shied away from backing her son publically.

However, not being a media personality, its a bit tough to find information about her. As though her son hardly needs an introduction but when it comes to Nguyen only a few resources are available online. So let’s know who exactly is Tyga’s beautiful mother, Pasionaye Nguyen.

Pasionaye Nguyen Bio:

Daughter of Kim Nguyen, 71, Pasionaye belongs to an Afro-Asian background. She was born in 1973 in the United States and has a younger sister named Cece Nguyen. Being of Vietnamese origin, Kim struggled with her English and had to manage her family on low means.

Pasionaye married Stevenson (first name unknown) at a young age. Her son, Micheal Ray Stevenson, aka Tyga, was born on November 19, 1989, when she was just 16 years old. The family still struggled financially and then life became harder after her husband was convicted and imprisoned for life in 1991. After that Pasionaye had to raise her son on her own. Back then she would take any job to earn some extra cash and make her ends meet. Tyga himself has talked about his childhood struggles as living on basic amenities was tough. After living in Compton, California for 11 years, Pasionaye shifted to Gardena along her son.

With his father missing throughout his childhood and with his interest in the rap genre, Tyga found a father figure in Tupac.

Sources claim that she is the reason behind her son’s name. As when Micheal was young, she used to call him tiger woods who also happens to be from a mixed ancestry.

Pasionaye Nguyen with Tyga

Tyga is often spotted with his mother. It seems that in spite of numerous troubles in life, the duo has always backed each other and are happy together.

Pasionaye’s net worth is not publically known however Tyga has a net worth of $ 2 million. He is well known for his extravagant lifestyle.